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Insight to the CEO Vision

Published on 03 Apr 2017

Insight to the CEO Vision
Insights into the CEO Macro Vision & Transformation Strategies
We have got the answer that most CEO'S have been searching for!
For quite sometimes CEO’s have asked, ‘How can we transform organisation vision (BPI) Business Performance Index & it’s macro level plan into strategies, initiatives (KPI) Key Performance Index and then execution in a controlled manner, through successful projects?’
This is a challenging task. It is one of the main root causes of degradation to organisation performance, which leads to ongoing transformation initiatives trying to fix it. However, you can’t fix what you can’t see or haven’t been made aware of. Timing is everything in today’s dynamic business environment and learning about a problem at a later stage becomes an endless battle with reactive actions.
Traditionally, organisations kick off transformation and digitalisation as part of their organisation module and then establish strategy team or seek external experts to help. The planning team, or experts then focus’ on execution of this initiative via projects. Then what? They collect information reports from every team to organise a high level / macro view of the progress, for senior management, yet the BPI is still out of sync and not aligned 6 months or even a year later. Unfortunately, there is only the CEO left to confront the board, explaining their vision which they thought was progressing nicely according to the reports prepared for them by various teams.
In addition, markets constant change and global impact require agile and drastic changes to re-align the macro plan and select the predefined alternative strategy, which will react and address those external factors. But how to measure the impact and assess it in the middle of the execution of current strategies, in multiple streams with various projects on the go? It’s like a train that has started a journey driving 100km /hr and now needs to change lanes safely and avoid any accident or impact.
Through our recent engagements in various sectors and domains, we have realised that CEO’s and their teams were in an ongoing battle to address the issues raised above.
This was the spark and trigger which required us to push the boundaries and raise the bar, with iSMS 2.0. After revamping it’s process, digitalising it, making it lean, agile and effective we have created our own unique and cutting edge blend of global methodology, strategy process and framework.
iSMS 2.0 has been fully integrated to enable this macro and micro level insights view live! to CEO’s to make proactive decisions across various strategies linked to a common vision and linked to various programs and portfolios cascaded to a macro level plan & vision.
This will enable CEO’s to align his/her vision and mission for short, mid and long term plans as required with minimum impact.
LeadVision team made automation and predictive analysis as one of the paths they took in this journey, and now we are pushing even further to a whole new level by embedding an artificial intelligence mechanism in future releases of our iSMS.
In conclusion, we have learnt that Senior Management and CEO’s can achieve outcome if they have the accurate information on hand and on time always when making decisions. That is what iSMS 2.0 will provide them from now on to be on top of their own game.
Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist