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Digital Strategies Management

Published on 13 Mar 2017

Digital Strategies Management
How to manage, track, assess and measure the success of your Strategy via Digital Strategy Platform?

 The main challenge that organisations in private sectors or Government entities face, is how to convert or translate their short, mid or long-term strategies into an executable plan that can be measured, assessed and tracked. 

Most organisations still develop their strategy document with the assistance or support off external consultants, which enable them to fulfil the first step towards a unified and aligned organisation strategy. This is good step, but then what?

The strategy document continues to remain a great theory document. 
However, the execution of this strategy remains a theory on paper, unless we change the approach entirely by bridging the gaps.

LeadVision has developed a new approach and methodology to answer all of the above concerns. 

This new framework has been integrated into our latest iSMS Platform in order to provide a pragmatic mechanism with clear matrix, criteria, weighting, score and KPI parameters. This will enable any organisation to manage and track their strategies and ensure that it can be converted into executable plans, with the ability to track and measure the business benefits realization.

Having a digitalized framework will enable any changes to the strategic plan to be quickly interpreted and cascaded down to the executable plan. This will ensure everyone in the organisation maintains alignment to the strategic goals to achieve optimum outcome.

Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist