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eIPM 6.0 Released on 26 Feb 2017

Published on 02 Mar 2017

A New Era Of The Digital PMO With eIPM 6.0 Journey
Our objective was to push the boundaries with no limitation as we previously discussed in our previous articles:

eIPM 6.0 revolution journey which is a game changer in the PMO platform globally:

After 154 workshop with 36 clients in 5 different industries internationally and 5,760 hours of research, analysis, designs, architects and additional 9,600 hours of development, testing and integration, we have realised that the gaps are beyond the PM & PMO community to tackle via process, templates and current offered project systems with obvious limited capabilities.
During this journey, we have managed to shed some lights on the cause of inconsistent outcome of projects deliveries and high dependency on individuals not process and framework.
On the other hand, organisations and project communities are eager to adopt and catch up on the digital transformation wave to enable efficiencies, full automation and collaboration through the Artificial Intelligence path.
We have started the journey of eIPM over 4 years ago with our early version, but the more we have listened to our clients from various industries, we have realised that we need to push the boundaries even further to achieve optimum results.
The gap between business and technology is a reality and the level of business frustration from technology is legitimate as well.
The industry climatized to continue thinking within boundary and within the box, because there was pre-defined condition established of what can or can’t achieved via current systems and platforms with no resistance and challenges by the business.

eIPM 6.0 challenge was “how to turn 890 wish lists shared by the PMO & PM community into reality. We had to ensure the remaining key elements was covered in our new release of eIPM 6.0 to ensure the following:

Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist