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DOMP Innovation Patent - Leadvision has launched the first global digital offset management platform (DOMP), adopting 4th industrial revolution with AI capabilities

Published on 03 May 2019

DOMP Innovation Patent
LeadVision has launched officially the first of its kind plug and play Digital Offset Management Platform globally from Abu Dhabi!
DOMP is fully developed and empowered by LeadVision, putting the emphasis on digitalizing industrial development programs/offset business end to end. Starting from the vision of future military landscape, objectives, KPI’s and strategies to configuration of offset policies and how it will reflect to digital business cases submitted by OEM’s ending with the assessment set by certain criteria’s and evaluations.
In case of approvals, it will convert into project mode fully integrated and digitalized with artificial intelligence built in capabilities (Miro) with hundreds of if-else scenarios from a collective of 10’s of years by domain expertise in addition to real live business cases and global best practices across different sectors supporting a fast and effective decision-making response from one single mega platform fully integrated.
Finally, with DOMP the first Global Digital Offset Management Platform, Offset Authorities around the world will have the edge to decrypt today's complex process and policies by adopting the 4th industrial revolution with a touch of AI via DOMP as a tangible solution empowered by LeadVision.
Haissam Wakeb
Haissam Wakeb
Digital Senior Offset Specialist