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EOI Innovation Patent – First SaaS Enterprise Operation Intelligence with touch of ML & AI for ultimate process optimisation

Published on 25 Feb 2019

EOI Innovation Patent
EOI focuses on Operation Process Optimisation, including Performance Management, Process Cost Efficiency, Resource Management, Maintenance Process Consistency, and Production Tracking, with a touch of AI and all from a single platform fully integrated to drive growth and profitability.
Now with LeadVision you can take a tangible action towards the Fourth industrial revolution and leverage future technology with our EOI Platform, to increase operation process efficiency, consistency and automation.
In conclusion, the fact is while everyone is still talking about a theoretical strategic approach towards business process efficiency, LeadVision has built, tested and productionized the first integrated platform EOI (Enterprise Operation Intelligence), ready for adoption with easy integration as an SaaS model.
Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist