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EOI 4.0 - The Path to Operation Digitalisation & Optimisation With Ease

Published on 02 Nov 2018

EOI 4.0 - The Path to Operation Digitalisation & Optimisation With Ease
Digital Operation Process Optimisation with a touch of AI from the theoretical approach to a tangible solution with EOI 4.0 – Enterprise Operation Intelligence Platform.
With the current global economic challenges, organisations are forced to increase efficiency, optimise their operational process and cost, increase resources utilisation and maintain efficiency to achieve targeted results.
The ongoing organisations initiatives are hoping to enhance and digitalise their operation process by cutting all unnecessary adopted processes to make it more agile, which is one of their key pressing issues.
The same applies for ongoing operation maintenance planning, which happens regularly. But how to incorporate previous lessons learned and automate where possible to enhance maintenance process as part of the ongoing improvement plan to bridge IT – Business collaboration away from traditional approach and technology.
LeadVision R&D team, with the support of our new flagship solution EOI 4.0 "Enterprise Operation Intelligence", which is one of DTPE – Digital Transformation Platform Enterprise Solution will make it possible. The rationale behind EOI 4.0 Dynamic Framework is to achieve the Following benefits to enable IT to be more effective, save cost and time and empower business with more flexibility:
LeadVision has decided to take a new approach, and bridge the gaps between technology and business in a pragmatic approach and tangible solutions that can achieve the agility that the business always wanted. This will enable them to digitalise their operation and maintenance process in an effective way, and increase their resource utilisation and performance.
This can only be achieved by EOI 4.0 Enterprise Operation Intelligence, because we have taken a new approach which is focused on business first, not what technology can offer with its limitations. We have taken Top-Bottom approach. EOI is one of LeadVision's innovative solutions that was built from the ground up independently, from existing architecture and products, focusing on true digital business transformation in a short time frame, cost effectively, and with ease.
In conclusion, today business is demanding agility, easy adoption and flexible systems to enable greater control to manage and change their business processes as required. Continue using the same traditional approach which is failing and expecting different outcome it’s insanity.
Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist