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eIPM Innovation Patent - First SaaS Digital Strategy, Portfolio & Resource Management with a touch of AI

Published on 05 Oct 2018

eIPM Innovation Patent
Global First - Digital PMO Platform with AI, ML, Voice Command and Multi-Language Capabilities - Enjoy Future Innovation Today
26/09/2018 is another major milestone for LeadVision. This is the date we obtained an official recognition by IP Australia and gained a “Certificate of Grant Innovation Patent” for eIPM – Enterprise Intelligence Strategy, Portfolio and Resource Management Platform.
LeadVision’s strategy was to pioneer the digital transformation journey, and to branch this vision out across various streams and industries. The eIPM patent focused on enabling true digital strategy, projects, portfolios, and resource management via a single Platform. Our objective was to revolutionise this domain, and we tackled it head on by including a touch of AI, ML and Voice command.
We had to push the boundaries, but this time it was not the complexity of the domain, but the legacy and misconception from 20th century technologies and concept that we had to battle along the way.
Today, you can enjoy future innovation with eIPM the first TRUE Digital Strategy, Project, Portfolio & Resource Management platform, as a SaaS or plug and play appliance to revolutionise this domain and gain these benefits out of the box ready.
The nine incorporated, integrated and pre-configured modules, with all the process, methodology, framework, and governance built-in are listed below:
Role based access, so all stakeholders can work from the same single platform, including vendors, project teams, business, project managers and senior levels, with each can only seeing and managing what is relevant to them. This leverages the machine learning and AI capability.
Furthermore, the best part about eIPM is that any organisation can be up and running, fully transformed within eight – ten weeks at a fraction of the time and cost of what you are normally burning today with the traditional “scheduling tool”, which is wrongly called project management tool, and traditional PMO functions. These tools and methods are now obsolete approaches, given the nature of today’s dynamic and complex projects.
In conclusion, we all know the three vital elements to manage projects – People, Process, and Tools. With eIPM we have replaced some of the people manual tasks and reporting with a touch of machine learning and AI. We have automated the process by digitalising end-end with centralised role based access, and to close the loop we have enabled a centralised solution “tool” that can drive people and not be driven by people.
Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist