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DTPE Innovation Patent - First SaaS End to End Digital Transformation Platform with Block Chain & touch of AI

Published on 29 Aug 2018

First Plug and Play DTPE - Digital Transformation Platform
DTPE is the first and only Digital Transformation Platform ready to go, plug and play.
08/08/2018 is a key milestone for LeadVision. This is the date we obtained the official recognition by IP Australia “Certificate of Grant Innovation Patent” for DTPE – Digital Transformation Platform Enterprise.
LeadVision’s founding strategy, before anyone knew what digital transformation meant, was to develop from the ground up one of the most innovatively designed, integration platforms to enable businesses to achieve true digital transformation with ease.
We decided to adopt a top – bottom approach, meaning we started with business outcome, based on global process, methodology and standard, then put technology as a second-stage priority.
We realised whenever companies think transformation, their focus shifts toward bottom-top, meaning they start with technology, and an IT oriented approach. However, this doesn’t deliver the outcome desired by the business.
LeadVision DTPE has decrypted the digital transformation puzzle, enabling businesses to achieve a tangible outcome without the traditional, painful path, to a smooth journey.
Innovation is the ability to achieve the desired business outcome, with the following ingredients:
If you can’t achieve the above 4 points, then what you have is an illusion not innovation.
Albert Einstein: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Amr Wakeb
Amr Wakeb
Founder & CEO
Digital Business Transformation Specialist